If you are a software developer and want to expand your customer base in Chicago, Tampa, and Denver we think we can help you.
United Cash Register was started by Tom Talpai in 1967. Tom came out of retirement to help businesses that are having a hard
time choosing a POS system.

The internet has gotten to be very confusing for some business owners to choose a system that can help them control inventory
and exmployee theft. The other problem is that they are paying large amounts of money to credit card processors that they would
like to lower if possible.

The cash register business has been taken over by the big banks and credit card companies that are more concerned about making money
from people that use credit cards. The reason that they use their credit cards is that they can get points or cash back when they
use their credit card. Some POS systems are not customized to solve the problems that the average small to medium size businesses
are having.

We think we can help you promote your software program to our large customer base that we built over the last 50 years in business.
Give us a call or send us some information about your software program, we may be able to work together to expand our customer base.

United Cash Register & Computer Company
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